TNNA show in San Diego, more new products coming February: Car Seat Canopy & Embellishments!
Of course we had to have an excuse to take my new natural gas car to San Diego, yeap, TNNA.  The National NeedleArts Association trade show was taking place in SD over the weekend.  We were able to stop and shop for a few hours, check to see what’s new and exciting in the yarn and thread industry and pick up a few goodies.  Make sure to check back to see what’s new; we will be posting pictures of the new products soon

Our new product for February is an awesome Baby Car Seat Canopy.  This useful baby shield will keep your baby protected from the cold winter winds and snow and will protect him/her from the sun on those hot sunny days.  We suggest you try finishing the edge our traditional way, with a crochet edging, or you may finish the edge with satin or any other way you might want, let your creativity guide you!  We picked up a couple of embellishment at TNNA to finish your canopy; make it fun and playful with our new big, round, colorful, eye candy buttons or make it fancy with a touch of ribbon.  Enjoy!

California here we come!
For those of you wondering if you can drive to San Diego from SLC in a natural gas car, here’s some helpful information.  So, I finally got my green Honda NGV, and I’m ready to try it out and push it to its limits.  I get on and start searching for gas stations along I-15 from Provo to San Diego, I actually live in Highland, but the first gas station is in Orem, which is right next to Provo
J; I found great info at, for stations in Nevada and California, I print the list of gas stations that sell natural gas in Utah, Nevada and California and we are on our way!  We leave Orem with a full tank; Orem has a great gas station with very easy freeway access, open 24/7 and takes VisaJ. Next we stop in Fillmore, UT, this was a bit scary, the pump actually smelled like gas and we were a little intimidated by how old it was; you have to pay inside, it doesn’t take a credit card and we are told they close at 10:00 pm M-S, this means, on the way back we have to make sure we make it by 10:00 to that gas station, or we will be stranded for the nightL.  Our next stop is in St. George, UT, we find that the gas station there is a Shell location right off the freeway, it takes Visa and it’s open 24/7, I’m so excited we’ve made it to St. George!  We make a stop in Vegas, the station there is off Cheyenne exit, new and well kept, the pressure is great, off we go to the next stop in Barstow, we got off the wrong exit, so we actually had to drive the length of Main street to find the city’s refill station on the other end of town, the pressure was great, we did get off the right exit on our way back, and found the gas stations just off the 58 freeway, the station was clean and well kept.  We have plenty of fuel to get us to San Diego, where we arrive with a quarter of a tank; we filled up at the Shell gas station by the airport, also a regular gas station with a great pump.  We make our way back stopping at the same locations, total fuel cost, $56.50 for the round trip, my NGV Honda performed great with a total of 34 miles per gallon!  All in all, our trip was uneventful and fun, even if the prices for regular gas were about the same as natural gas, zero emissions is definitely a plusJ.  

Your NGV car is here, would you like to come and pick it up?
After six months on a waiting list, I finally received a call from the dealer.  My Tea Leaf Green Honda Civic has arrived!  It’s a bit scary to think about how limited my choices will be of places to gas up, one station in Orem, about 15 minutes south from my home and a few more around the SL area, and that’s it!  I ask the salesman, can I drive it to San Diego?  “Sure”, he says, “I’ve heard of customers making the trip down there, you’ll have to research where the gas stations are along the way”.  I pick up my new car with anticipation; I hope it will be as nice as I remember it, the color mostly, I’ve always had a thing for black cars, and now I’m buying a tea leaf green one???

I’m delighted with the color and we drive it home, my excitement grows as I tell my husband, let’s go to San Diego next weekend!  I really want to know if it’s possible to drive my new natural gas car to SD, I want to know how much it will cost me and I want to test the possibilities.  So, last week we decided we would go to San Diego and do a thing or two while we’re there.

My commitment to go green. . .Go Prius!
After I was introduced to the many possibilities on how to be a better citizen of the world, and with the desire to make my life simpler, and greener, I don’t know if this had to do with being in my late forties, but regardless, I felt the need for a change; first, I started to read more about our environmental issues, then I hooked up with, where I learned many tips on how to be green!  I was also tired of my gas-guzzler, black, Land Rover, I was ready for a greener car.  I researched for months, surfing the internet and checking out chat rooms, where green people go, you know; that’s were I found out about the Prius.  I decided I was ready for a green change and I finally went for it, I traded in my Land Rover for a Prius.  Needless to say, I’ve had my Prius for over two and a half years, with over 69K miles and still performing to my pleasing, I have to say that I loved and still love it.  Is it bad to love a car??? I don’t know, but I love this one!  Of course, since I was getting 43 miles per gallon, yeah, I know, I was never able to go above 43, even though some people claim above 50s, mine just didn’t want to do that
L, however, 43 has been great for meJ, my boys always wanted to borrow it for long trips, specially last summer when gas prices hit over 4 bucks per gallon.  I have to say that, if you ever want to make the move, I can tell you that my Prius has been a great little green car, we took it to San Diego, several times, it has been every where!!!  AND still does, AND, I have never had a problem with it, it has a lot of torque, speed, with aggressive tires, it performs well when we have tons of snow, yeah, if you don’t invest into a good set of snow tires, you will be sliding all over the road, and for some reason, the Prius just stops as soon as it senses it’s slippingL, my husband hated it when it did that, that’s why he took off one day and went and got new tires for itJ.

Well, my little Prius is ready to be traded in for an even greener car, I have done a lot of research on NGVs, (natural gas vehicles), and the idea of having a car that has zero emissions was very inviting.  After weeks and weeks of research on the internet and talking to people that owned one, I decided to go for it; I went to Larry H. Miller, in SLC, put my $500 deposit on it, and went on their waiting list; I was proudly number 390 on their waiting list!  It would take six months to get my Honda Civic NGV, Tea Leaf Green, and basic model.  I have no problem waiting, I’m not in a hurry, I still have my Prius and it should be go through the gas price craze.  So I wait, for six months, hoping that some one would drop off the list and by some miracle I get moved up to the front, but, no such luck.