Even though I love winter, yes, call me crazy, I’m always ready for the next thing; I love change, and this is one of the most welcomed changes of all, winter to spring.  I finally got around finishing these samples, this project comes to all of you squished between birthday parties, trips, church and more.  I hope you enjoy them, I know you are all busy mothers and grandmothers, so we need easy weekend crafts; what would life be without crafting?  Boring I say, that creative part inside all of us would never have a chance to show what’s deep inside our hearts, crafting I believe, allows us to peek at those divine elements within us.  Cheers!

550x250-3bib-buddiesDownload the PDF file for each applique pattern, for Wiggly Pig click here, for Cupcake Sundae click here, for Lazy Bear click here.  These applique patterns can be for both, girls and boys, we used a blanket stitch to attach the different layers.
For more patterns check Ammee’s Idea Books.