Planning a vacation is not an easy task; I’m sure you’ll agree.  We have been planning our vacation to Central America for the last three months!  I can see why staying at home looks so appealing!  Granted the internet makes it so much easier to find information, book flights, hotels and entertainment, it has taken a great deal of planning, coordinating, learning, and energy to finalize our plans.  Having been to Panama, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, I’m really looking forward to our trip to Guatemala. 

We’re planning on taking Ammee’s Baby Blankets down to Guatemala on this trip; we have contacted a non-profit group that helps midwives with training and educational seminars, the blankets will be given to newborns delivered by these midwives; I’m hoping to post some pics of our trip when we get back.  Since we are a small company, I have two partners, and since I’m the only one that updates our website, blog, twitter, our Etzy shop, and our Shophandmade.com shop, I guess not much will be happening in terms of letting you know what we’re up to, until I get back:)  Please be patient and check back with us at the end of the month for new updates on new products.  Yes, we do have a new product for May, the info will go up at the end of this month, for now, till I return, enjoy spring!