April 2010

Swaddling Baby Blankets
The perfect blanket to keep your baby wrapped up and feeling comfy and cozy this summer.  Small corner flap is perfect to keep your baby’s head warm.  Absorbent and washable.  Please note that these blankets are not hemstitched, they are ready to use.  We will have hemstitched swaddling blankets soon, we hope within the next month, for now, enjoy this fun, durable baby blankets.  Available now, click here.

Large Blanket Special Features
100% Interlock cotton construction
Dimensions: 31 1/2″ x 31 1/2″ (80cm x 80cm)
Single sided, rounded corners
Not intended for sleepwear

How to Crochet – Instructions for beginners
If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, Crochet should be at the top of your list!  We love to crochet and we know you will learn to love it too.  We hope you’ll enjoy our ‘how to’ video, please give us feedback so we can improve.

How to Crochet a Flower – Skill Level Intermediate

Crochet flowers are very fashionable, they are great to embellish your baby’s hats, shoes, headbands and more.  We have created this video to inspire you to pick up your yarn and start having fun making these sweet flowers.  Written instructions can be found in our idea book #4 – Crochet Candy – Crochet Embellishments for Baby Hats & More available on our site, click here for book.  The video is a two part instruction video, make sure to check out the second part to finish your flower.  Have fun!

Youtube video part 1

Youtube video part 2

Book #3

Idea Book #3 Baby Shower Crochet Edges for Hemstitched Baby Blankets The patterns for Ammee’s Idea Book #3-‘Baby Shower Crochet Edges for Baby Blankets’-are a gathering of original one-of-a-kind designs.

Book Features
12 page, 8″ x 8″, full color idea book.
6 easy to crochet original patterns.
Beginners to advanced crocheters.
Easy–don’t make me think!–illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Patterns included
Ethan, Sophia, Ella, Goose, Noah, Olivia, and Aiden.

This week we are adding a few new fun weekend projects, these are ideas you can use or change as you wish, get creative, mix and match the flowers with different bands; you can use flowers to decorate baby hats, shoes, and sweaters.  We’ve added our headbands for those of you that wish to make the flowers but not the headbands!
Mount the flowers to a pinch clip (hot glue or sewing will work well) and then mix and match flowers with different headbands or crochet hats, remove your crochet flower before washing headband.  To see our idea book #4 with 8 flower patterns click here;  for 2″ pink clips click here, crochet headbands click here.

Okay, so we’re making it really easy for everyone!  Take a look at these cute crochet toddler hats (you can buy these already made and just make the crochet flowers to decorate!), you can make your own crochet hats, but if you’re short of time, you can always buy these cute crochet hats and enjoy making this cute Gardenia or Sunflower to decorate them!  Idea Book #4 Crochet Candy – Embellishments for Hats and More is now available.

We couldn’t resist these two new patterns, Birdies & Paisleys for girls and Baby Elephants for boys.  We know you will love crocheting around these two delicate patterns.  They’re great for spring and summer babies!

Birdies & Paisleys pattern available in kits, blankets, bibs and burps.

Baby Elephants pattern available in kits, blankets, bibs and burps.

American Baby, by Riley Blake Designs, (this is designer flannel, it’s a bit more expensive, however, we know you’ll be very pleased with the high quality flannel); one of our favorite holidays of the year!  Celebrate the 4th of July with this patriotic pattern, great for boys and girls.  Available in kits, blankets, bibs and burps.

We also added Daddy’s Helper in Blue, it has done so well in brown, we decided the blue would be just as welcomed.

Daddy’s Helper Blue is now available in kits, blankets, bibs and burps.