July 2011

Get your little boy ready to be an baseball all star with Riley Blake’s new pattern Little Batter for Boys!


Available in SetsBlanketsBurps and Bibs.

Bring on those cool summer nights with clear skies and plenty of stars!  Our new All Star pattern will keep your little boy warm and brighten up his night!

Available in SetsBlanketsBurps and Bibs.

To all our awesome customers

In the last few weeks, Ammee’s Babies and other merchants have been suffering from growing pains. Our site’s traffic has grown greatly in the last few months, we have asked the company that hosts our server to make some hardware changes to accommodate our growing pains. Unfortunately, we are not big enough to host our own site; we are literally at the mercy of our host company, and they have refused to upgrade their hardware to fix the issues at hand.

You probably have noticed that our site has crashed several times in the last few weeks; this issue is due to our hosting company not upgrading their equipment; therefore, Ammee’s has decided to move with another hosting company.

Over the next few weeks, we will be moving and upgrading hardware to accommodate our growing pains. This may mean that sometimes our site will be down while we adjust things. Please have patience with us and know that we are all working very hard to fix these problems, our tech support is working 24/7 to finish quickly.

If our site happens to be down and you want to place an order and know the items you want, you can email us your order and we will contact you for your credit card information. Do not email credit card information to us.

If our site is down, you can go to our blog, which is with a different hosting company, or contact us via our Facebook page.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience. Please email us for any concerns or comments. We are very grateful for all our great customers and all those who have helped us grow, even if it’s painful.

Cheers for better service!

Cony Larsen
Founder – CEO Ammee’s Babies LLC
1045 S Orem Blvd
Orem, UT 84058

Our Paisleys Skye by Riley Blake is refreshing!  We love the  cool blue and green colors. The stars and pattern bring a calm feel. This is another pattern from Riley Blake’s newest collection. Get your little boys ready to snuggle in for a cool summer night!

Available in SetsBlanketsBurps and Bibs.

Our Red Sweet Divinity by Riley Blake is amazing!  We love the colors and flower pattern, this is another pattern from Riley Blake’s newest collection. Get your little ones ready to celebrate the beautiful colors of Summer!


Available in SetsBlanketsBurps and Bibs.