November 2011

I attended a trade show last week in sunny San Diego, my former hometown; while there I had the chance to do some shopping of course; for some reason, important things sometimes escape my attention, and sometimes, I have to admit it takes me a while to catch on to the latest and greatest happenings.

Ok, so, has anyone heard of TOMS one for one movement?  I’m sure everyone has and I’m probably one of the last people to realize who they were and what a great company they are!  How it works, basically you indulge yourself buying these cute shoes, and you can even feel good about spending the money, because, for each pair of shoes you purchase for yourself, one pair is donated to a needy child, how great is that! I bought three pairs instantly! And I’m planning on buying for Christmas a pair for each member of my family, a total of about 20 pairs!  TOMS even makes itty-bitty ones for babies, I got some of those too!

Needless to say, I came home with renewed commitment for Ammee’s Blankets for Babies fund.  We are implementing our very own “Love One, Give One” movement and you can be a part of it!  It’s simple, buy a blanket only, enter coupon code LV1GV1, for every blanket you purchase at full price, we will donate one to a needy child somewhere around the world, and you won’t even have to pay the shipping for your blanket! (Valid only in the USA, sorry)…coupon is also valid for blankets only and it does not apply to sale or clearance items.  I know, if we give everything away we won’t be around very long:)

We have use the LDS Humanitarian Center since 2008 to take the blankets we donate to needy children; they will take your donated blanket to a needy child somewhere around the world:)  Truly, together we can make the world a little softer and warmer for a needy child.  Think about it, how much easier can it get? It’s a win-win situation!  Here is a list of other companies that offer the same one for one opportunity you might want to do some Christmas shopping:)

Ok, if you are waiting for Cyber Monday deals to do some shopping we are happy to let you know that we will have a half day sale on Monday. It will start at 1:00 am and it will be over at 2:00 pm the same day.

What should you expect? We will be sending out a coupon code for 40% off on everything, discount will apply to even our clearance items!  If you missed our last sale, make sure you don’t miss this one, no pressure, but it won’t last forever:)

So, have fun and start making a list of the things you want most, a great time to get all your yarn candy, stash blankets for gifts, and of course, with Christmas just around the corner, save some money on blankets you’ll be donating to the less fortunate. . . happy shopping!

Dress your little girl up for this winter cold that is rolling in with our new pattern, “Vines and Trinkets Aqua by Riley Blake!” It is perfect for your little one! Keep herwarm in all this cold!

Available in SetsBlanketsBurps and Bibs.

At the suggestion of my daughter, I submitted an assay about Ammee’s Babies to Country Living Magazine’s program ‘Pitch Your Product‘.  CLM’s program has supported small business owners – many of them women.  Pitch Your Product is a LIVE event, to help discover and promote up-and-coming companies. Having catapulted many businesses to great success as a result of being featured in the magazine, Pitch Your Product gives participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to promote and build their businesses.

Of course I didn’t expect to hear back from them since I was sure thousands of companies had done the same and Ammee’s would probably not be invited to the Country Living Magazine Fair in Atlanta, GA.  To my delight, a few weeks after I had submitted the assay, I received an email with an invitation to participate in CLM’s ‘Pitch Your Product’ competition!
 The Invitation:

Your product has been accepted for Country Living magazine’s “Pitch Your Product” program, which will take place on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at the Evergreen Marriott in Stone Mountain Park*, Atlanta, GA.
Your acceptance packet will arrive shortly via regular mail. It includes all necessary event information, including your pitch time slot and the program rules. 
We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!
Best of luck,
The Country Living “Pitch Your Product” Team
It was not easy to tell our story in just 3 minutes, but we did it, it was a fun experience to meet the CLM’s Editor in Chief too.  So much to see at the fair not enough time:( antiques, jewelry, reclaimed furniture, home decor, clothing, vintage pieces.What’s next? We wait and see if Ammee’s is chosen as the winner, if so, Ammee’s will be featured in Country Living Magazine next year…

If you have a business and would like to enter CLM’s Pitch Your Product, email me, I have some really good tips for you:)