March 2013

How to dress a newborn in the spring and summer
The spring and summer months often translate to outdoor time with family gatherings, walks, and other events. Your new born requires more than a keen sense of baby fashion. Your baby’s safety and health play a role in the clothing you choose in this spring/summer.

Summer heat may lead to overheating if she is wearing too many clothes. Make sure to protect her skin from direct sun’s rays to avoid sunburn and skin damage. Keep your newborn happy with layers of cool clothing.

Here are some easy steps to follow:
Step 1
Start with a base layer of a cotton onesie. Choose light colors.

Step 2
If necessary, add a pair of shorts or lightweight pants, this will still allow your baby’s legs to stay cool, even if you go outdoors.

Step 3
If your baby is indoors, add more layers, a lightweight sleeper or long sleeved shirt if he is indoors in a cool, air-conditioned room. Feel his hands and feet to make sure they aren’t cold, add socks if you’re planning on staying indoors.

Step 4
Apply sunscreen each time you go outside. Keep a blanket handy to protect your baby from the sun.

Step 5
Cover your newborn’s head with a hat the entire time you are outside.

Step 6
Dress your newborn in pajamas appropriate for the room’s air conditioned temperature. Swaddle her in a lightweight blanket if the room is cool from air conditioning. Dress her in a lighter sleeper if your home is warm during the summer.

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