All those who know me, know that I will always choose to purchase from a company that has a mission; I’m also a big time buy local advocate, I support my neighborhood mom and pop stores and farmer’s markets too. Buying with a purpose is a big deal to me. I will make the effort to search and find companies that sell products and use part of the proceeds to help those less fortunate.

This year, I have my own list of companies that I have personally purchased items from to support their causes. I hope you will enjoy browsing their websites, and perhaps, you too will find something meaningful to buy and at the same time give to someone in need…and please do share this info with your friends and family!

My  top “buy with a purpose” products:
Figs: threads for threads, this year they are making scrubs and donating them too.
Roma: boots for you and for all, I love these!
Nena & Co: beautiful bags that help give the gift of water and more.
LifeSaver: water systems, buy one for your own emergency preparedness and donate one to a family in need.
TOMS: one for one shoes, I buy them and gift them too.
Waka Waka: share the sun, solar charger, I gave these as gifts last Christmas.

I would love to hear which ones are your favorite companies to buy with a purpose, I’ll be happy to post them.

And of course, we are having a sale this weekend, for the first time ever, we are offering an additional 15% off clearance items! Yes, we have a bunch of new patterns lined up to welcome 2014! Go ahead, stock up for gifts, donations, and for your own babies. Enjoy!
Ammee's buy with a purpose