We are on our way to CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show, in Anaheim, CA, where we will introduce our line-up of new products starting with our newest book  Just Dreamy Crochet Edges, followed by the sewing patterns used in the book, Just Dreamy Sewing Patterns, which include patterns for the cover apron, a fun summer skirt and a bandana headband. You can now make the edges and have the sewing patterns to do it on.
Ammee's sewing patterns Bib Poncho

In addition we will be introducing our newest and adorable  sewing pattern Baby Essentials Reversible Bib Poncho. Available now only $7.95.  Includes two sizes: Small 6-12 months, and Large 12-24 months.

Ammee's sewing patterns Bib Poncho 5

Use two different fabric patterns to make it reversible!
Ammee's Sewing Pattern Bib Poncho

Use your Edgit! to crochet on the edge of your Bib Poncho.
Ammee's Just Dreamy Sewing Patterns

Just Dreamy Sewing Patterns includes: Apron, Bandana Headband, and Summer Skirt, $12.95, available now.