You decide what gets in
Here’s a great site I found while reading a little “green book”; log on to this address,, create an account for free, and start getting rid off all those obnoxious catalogs in your mailbox!

What’s your “Carbon Footprint”?
If you’ve ever wondered how much energy you and your family use, stop wondering! Here’s a link for you to find out what your carbon footprint is, take a few minutes to figure it out; you can learn how addicted you are to fuel and most important, how to overcome your addiction.

Good Reads
I recently purchased a little book that caught my attention, “Go Green, Live Rich” by David Bach. I remember the moment my green light went on. It seems like I knew it all along. I was born to be green, I just didn’t listen to that little voice inside my head. Then, I came across one of my favorite sites, Just by accident, I discovered a whole new “green” community! Since then, I have made changes in my life to live a green life; three years ago, I traded my Land Rover for a Prius, which I absolutely love; I make sure I use green products and I stay up-to-date on energy saving tips. Hence, my purchase of the little green book; its easy reading, sound advice and practical tips, will help anyone that’s interested in riding the wonderful green road get started, and save money too! And, who doesn’t want to save money?